We Help You Achieve Your Goals- Build Capacity

We Help You Achieve Your Goals- Build Capacity


The Shipping Industry News Has Told Us We Need More Capacity

We have all read the stories about driver shortages and the squeeze being put on capacity throughout the shipping and logistics industry.  As these pressures increase, the cost of overhead and labor costs are going up.  So what are the options- one option that can help your shipping operation build more capacity is the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  Your "traditional flatbed freight" going long-haul and is costing a small fortune- but now the MTT can reverse that pressure and help you create more capacity.

The Mobile Transport Tray is a steel platform that can hold up to 26 tons of freight that otherwise would have gone the "traditional flatbed" route, instead using a standard forklift truck the MTT once fully loaded can be easily moved into a standard container- helping you to avoid the high cost of going over the road.  If you are feeling squeezed, the MTT can provide relief and more capacity.

Check out the MTT in action and then contact our relief team ready to help you build more capacity with the MTT:

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