What Is Our Roller Bed Conversion Rate? 100%

What Is Our Roller Bed Conversion Rate?  100%


Managing your fleet of trailers or reefers can be a challenge.  Having dedicated Roller bed trailers means assets that have limitations.  Now thanks to our Portable Rollerbed System, Innovative Transport Solutions offers shippers the flexibility to turn any wooden floor trailer/reefer into a Roller bed.

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of the most challenging shipping problems for years, for those that find themselves handling fragile or delicate freight, you now have the capability of transforming any wooden floor trailer/reefer into a Roller bed, meaning that you have the option to convert your asset to and from a Roller bed quickly.  This ability to make adjustments means that you can enhance your versatility to perhaps handle fragile or delicate freight on one leg of your trip and convert the trailer to handle freight without those handling requirements on the backend of things.  

With a 100% conversion rate, your trailer/reefer fleet options have just expanded significantly.  Check out the video below to see just how quickly the Portable Roller Bed System can convert a standard trailer.





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