When It Comes To Moving Steel We Are World Class

When It Comes To Moving Steel We Are World Class


Those Jamaican Bobsledders Surprised Everyone

Those that love watching the winter games, enjoy seeing world-class athletes performing at the top of their game.  When the Jamaican Bobsled Team showed up in the 1988 Alberta, Calgary games everyone was surprised.  How could these athletes from a tropical nation compete against athletes from colder climates?  The experience of that 1988 team was roughly captured in the movie "Cool Runnings".  The reality is that the Winter Games do not care how you got there, they care about what you do when you get there.  They are looking for performances that are World Class.

The Mobile Transport Tray is World Class

As any bobsled team will tell you the sled is a critical part of your success as a team.  The top teams have implemented every innovation possible to move their team as efficiently as possible down the course.  Innovative Transport Solutions is the inventor of the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  When it comes to moving steel, there is simply no better means to move steel across your dock or warehouse faster than the MTT.  The MTT is designed to hold your stacked steel (up to 25 tons) and then can be pushed into any standard container, allowing loading or unloading in under a minute.  Now that is a world class time.

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