White Glove Treatment For Your Air Freight

White Glove Treatment For Your Air Freight


The Portable Roller Bed System: White Glove Treatment For Your Air Freight

Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the Portable Roller Bed System will help you give your air freight the "white glove" treatment.  


Currently Being Used in All Major Air Freight Markets 

Our Portable Roller Bed Sytem (PBS) can save you thousands by providing a cost effective alternative to roller-bed trailers, reefers, and vans.  

The PBS can convert your regular wooden floor trailer into a partial or full roller bed.  The PBS can be adjusted to fit a standard trailer or if need be custom lengths are available.  In addition to easy handling with a regular fork-lift truck, your freight will be secure in transit thanks to cargo braces every ten inches.   Here are some key benefts of the PBS system:

  • Economical, Flexible & Reliable Alternative To Costly Roller-Bed Trailers
  • Easily Roll Any Air Freight Pallet by Hand 
  • Easy Removal and Reuse in Other Trailers or Trucks
  • Low Maintenance Costs Compare to Roller-Bed Trailers 
  • Easily Stacked and Stored When Not in Use 


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